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The Oud is a beautiful pear-shaped instrument that produces a very distinct and appealing sound. Despite being one of the earliest precursors of the modern guitar, it still remains quite essential to the music world.

The Oud is one of the unique instruments widely incorporated in crafting the highly melodious Eastern European, North African, Middle Eastern as well as Western Asian music.

When the Oud starts playing, don’t be shocked if you find yourself humming, nodding or even dancing to its unique tune. Unfortunately many find this wonderful instrument near impossible to play, as it requires a wide range of special skills even for an expert guitarist.

Good News is, with time and dedication anyone can play the Oud!

At School of Oud Online, our mission is to make your Oud learning process a breeze.  We’ve helped so many individuals from over 27 countries throughout the world using a highly effective and surefire approach.

We offer you a live one-on-one Oud sessions via Skype which is the best way to learn. And to ensure you’re well-versed in the mastery of the special instrument, there are 14 available courses for all levels with students taking one or two courses at a go.


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Stairway to Heaven - Oud cover by Ramy Adly

A Sense of Victory - Solo Oud music - composed by Ramy Adly

أنا قلبي دليلي - Egyptian Music - Ana Alby Dalily - Solo Oud by Ramy Adly


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