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A couple years ago, a young farmer who lived in Norway once shared his love of watching YouTube videos of Ramy Adly play the Oud.  This young man saw that Ramy offered Oud lessons in his School of Oud Online.  He reached out and asked to purchase an Oud for himself so he could learn how to play.

An Oud was ordered and shipped all the way from Egypt to Norway.  As soon as the Oud arrived, the young farmer practiced and learned all he could from Ramy’s teachings via Skype.  Today, the farmer man, lives in Asia and plays the Oud on some of it’s best stages.  He was a great student, full of passiont about the Oud that he now shares with all those who will listen.

The Oud is one of the unique instruments widely incorporated in crafting the highly melodious Eastern European, North African, Middle Eastern as well as Arab world music.

The Mission 

At School of Oud Online, our mission is to prepare you to be a Soloist Oud player.  We’ve helped so many individuals from over 27 countries throughout the world using a highly effective and surefire approach.

We offer you a live one-on-one Oud sessions via Skype, which is the best way to learn. And all students are experiencing the huge difference after their first month of learning, that is why there are students are still learning for more than two years to complete the full semesters and there are many of them are playing their own concerts now.

“All classes are still taught live by Ramy Adly via Skype.”

Live recorded Oud session at The School of Oud

A Sense of Victory - Solo Oud music - composed by Ramy Adly

أنا قلبي دليلي - Egyptian Music - Ana Alby Dalily - Solo Oud by Ramy Adly

Stairway to Heaven - Oud cover by Ramy Adly


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