The i-Oud



We are proud to present to you the world’s first i-Oud. This i-Oud is the only piece produced in the whole world. It is manufactured by a reputable American technology company in an exclusive contract with the School of Oud to handle the distribution of the world’s first i-Oud.

The i-Oud capabilities:

  • Produces more than 17000 different sounds
  • Used for production of film soundtracks and scores
  • Used for live performances for euphoric, once in a lifetime musical experiences.

NOTE: Owners of the i-Oud will have the rare privilege and joy of being the first to play a variety of different special, original sounds by using the same techniques applicable to their regular Oud.

  • Special payment policies and methods applying to the trading and purchase of this unique i-Oud have been formulated to make your ordering process easy. Ordering will be made possible using all payment gateways including bitcoin payment technology.

NOTE: There is no videos allowed for public. Thus, all interested parties are welcome for physical or via camera examining of this masterpiece, the i-Oud itself. 


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