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Learn to Play The Oud LIVE Via Skype

Learn to Play The Oud LIVE Via Skype
From Your Own Home

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Join students from over 27 countries around the world

School of Oud Online is a United States based school, specialized in teaching the Oud  instrument through live tutoring via Skype. We accept a few students each season to join.  Upon completion of your interview, Ramy Adly will determine if you are a good candidate.   


–  Students who will be graduated will have opportunity to teach at The School of Oud Online –

New BIG programs are coming soon 

Launching a brand new Video Module Program from The School of Oud Online 

more than 10,000 video recored for you, to make the largest educational library in the world  for our students, stay tuned!!

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The Graduation Concert of Artist Ethan Wickman from

The School of Oud Online

Watch on Youtube Here 

Graduation concert of our student after completing the whole program of the school

Ramy Adly - Instructor/ Founder of School of Oud Online


Live Communication

It’s not about its only affordable for all and its convenient, but it’s all about the results. It’s key to see one another face to face when learning the Oud; even when Ramy Adly teaches professionals. Using Skype gives you that benefit—to feel as if you are in the same room, since every student makes his or her own mistake when learning technique, therefore, the benefit of live tutoring is allowing your instructor to directly identify what needs to be corrected. Plus you can practice from your own home, car, workplace and has a schedule that fits everyones’ needs.


The TTT factors; Music consists of Tunes, Times and Technique. Each student must master all of these.

School of Oud Online can spot and correct any errors in these areas of music as the lesson progresses.

Plus there are presently three different schools related to those learning to play the Oud in the Middle East, and Arab world.

These include, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, whether you are a beginner or experienced,

School of Oud Online curriculum include from Naseer Shamma, Munier Bashir, Jamil Bashir, Mohamed Al Sombattya and Mohamed Abdul Wahab Oud techniques and songs

to all the classical music from Egypt and Iraq and Turkey.

Student's Testimonial

Session Example

Watch one of the Oud sessions - This is how we practice via Skype


Oud performer - lecturer - music composer

Ramy Adly - Alexandria

Birds - Ramy Adly

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Choose your rhythm of learning

Study System

New lesson with each session

Stage 1

After you have applied, you will have an interview with Ramy Adly to determine your interest and level of competency.  Many are beginners, or are experienced in playing the Oud. If you have a song you can prepare.

When you join the School of Oud Online, there is a 3 month trial period.  This time frame will be used to determine your interest and desire to become proficient on the Oud.  Students will be required to practice and to develop competency on the Oud.  In this 3 month course students will learn the basic maqams, etudes and elementary principles of the Arab heritage.

The certificate will mention the achievement of this level.

Stage 2

After completing stage One,  we will determine if you are accepted to continue studying the full curriculum at the School of Oud Online. This program includes etudes, principles and compositions of the major masterpieces of the Iraqi school of Oud and all of the masterpieces of Egyptian school of Oud;  both instrumental compositions and Arab heritage.

Additionally students will learn Arabic music theories behind the Maqams, rhythms and cultural nuances of the arabic world. 

The graduation certificate will mention the soloist level

NEW. Oud Lessons via Video Modules, offered for our students ``optional``

Module Video Course for our Students "optional"

Oud Masters Interview With Ramy Adly

Turkish Oud Master Yurdal Tokcan Interview

Iraqi Oud Master Naseer Shamma Interview

Grammy Award Rahim AlHaj Interview