Oud For Sale – The Ultimate Guide

Oud For Sale – The Ultimate Guide

Buying an Oud in America - The ideal Oud for sale

Oud For Sale – The Ultimate Guide

Arabic Oud Instrument that we recommend to buy 


Oud for sale



There are four types of Oud instruments. The Turkish Oud, the Iraqi Oud, the Arabic Oud, and the Electric Oud. All of the other types of Ouds are branch out from the four main types.


Beginner Ouds

Beginner ouds are sold  for about $400-$1000. The different tiers of pricing reflect the differences in wood quality and how long the oud will last. The measurement of the ouds and the secrets of the bridges are underneath the face of the oud. The measurement of the oud will have a big impact on you when you’re learning to learn. When you practice on an ouf you get used to putting your hands in the same place. So when you look for a new oud you need to find the same measurements. There are commercial Ouds everywhere, but which one of them is the best oud for you to start?


With hundreds and hundreds of oud students who apply daily, we advise as much as we can on which oud is good for beginners. Here is a selection of some ouds to consider.


Categories of Oud Instruments

It is good to start with a great instrument at the beginning. Instruments are not like cars. So it is not ideal to start with a bad car so if you crash you don’t lose a lot. The oud instrument is more like a person that lives with you and its sounds find a place in your heart. Picking a good oud instrument front the beginning is absolutely a good idea. When I was 16 years old, I studied the ouds and I always wondered if my problems were because of me or the oud? We have always found that good quality ouds make it easier for our students to learn. Below is a selection of Oud instruments that School of Oud Online recommends.


The strings of the oud are an important factor. The strings of an oud instrument that are measured by the hours of practicing. For example some springs last for 24 hours and last for 100 hours. Choosing a good type of string is another important factor of playing the instrument. The resonance, the shape, and streigns are all factors that can change the sound dramatically. Sometimes you can install a type of strings that ruin the sound of the oud and even sometimes it ruins the oud itself. Some strings can completely destroy the face of the oud within a month of being installed.

Adding strings to your oud is very simple and essential. Choosing the strings is choosing the voice of the instrument. If you can afford a professional oud from the beginning, it’s even better. There are students who love the Oud instruments that are custom built for them. The students spend 3 weeks waiting for the oud but this is the oud of their lives. They will play the custom for the next 10-30 years. The oud makers will perfectly complete all the factors of the oud that require time, experience, effort, choosing the material, etc.


Here are some of the suggested Ouds that we recommend 



Categories of Oud Instruments


Early 2021, we introduced to the world the best Oud marketplace that allows students, professionals, and soloists to have the best ouds with 1 year of support to help them with any issues. Usually platforms online offer the products period. Yet the new company, Oudinstrument.com covers this problem, since we believe in ouds and helping the oud industry to grow rapidly in the next 10 years.



Oud details



The Iraqi Oud



Oud Musical instrument - mastered measurements



The secrets of the Iraqi Oud originated in ancient mesopotamia. The Iraqi oud instrument has a history of clear, sharp, and strong sounds. The soloist Iraqi oud is used by players such as naseer shamma, munir bushir, and students of the Iraqi school of oud. With a 66.3 cm length and a shorter neck the Iragqi oud is perfect for soloists, made with the secrets that  correct makers who inherited these measurements from their ancestors have created ouds form ramy adly, naaseer shamma, and many oud players in the 21 st century.




Arabic Oud Instrument 



Arabic Oud instrument for sale

Arabic Oud , Egyptian Oud and Syrian Oud instrument have the same common sounds


The arabic oud is considered the face of the oreitnal music, known more in Egypt, as the King of Musical instruments. Built by important egyptpian oud makers who don’t have any online presence. But the secrets always remain with the best. Who live in the streets of Cairo. Who keeps the secrets of the bridges hidden between their tools and it’s not for the public. Yet we’re glad that we have a great relationship with them for over 10 years and the results have never disappointed.


Turkish Musical Oud 


The Turkish Oud musical instrument that looks beautiful and sounds

Turkish Ouds looks beautiful and sounds beautiful


The turkish oud became the most famous oud since the 90s. The enthusiasm and techniques for the turkish oud makers are what make the beauty of the turkish ouds. As an instrument it has a deep sound good for oriental songs, moorish spiritual songs, and deeper sound melodies.


The tuning of a turkish oud is also different from other ouds. It is one and a half tones less than the other ouds. For example, the C string for an Arabic Oud is an A string on a Turkish Oud.

Finally we do offer special Ouds for our students, professional Ouds made for them with correct measurement and spacial discount for our students.


Here is where to find important Ouds all have specifications and inspections OudInstrument.com


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