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Welcome to The School of Oud Online

Join students from over 27 countries around the world!! 


From day one, I have realized quality in every step: presentation, website, ordering, package delivery, assistance, training, lessons, & communications. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to learn Oud in the correct way, to check with Ramy! He is the best Oud mentor and coach.

Robin – Oud student 


Hi everyone my name is Kathryn from the Big Island in Kona Hawaii. I cannot tell you how Special it is to have an opportunity to learn an exotic instrument from a virtuoso instructor. A person of Master Ramy Adly’s caliper adds to anyone’s experience. And EVERYONE has their own unique experience. This is a Global family, yet very personal. And, not only are you trained by this expert, you are working with a very knowledgeable and kind person. And the instruments that are offered for sale reflect the best in the business.

Come join the Global Oud Family!!!

Thank you Ramy!!!!🌺🤗🌺

Zina – Oud student 

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