FREE Oud Online Webinar

FREE Oud Online Webinar

All about the Oud, Ud Lute instrument, For Students

Oud Online Webinar

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Free Oud Online Webinar This Saturday 4-11-2020

At 9am MST


Introducing An Oud Online Webinar


After a successful Oud Online Recital happened last Saturday and appearances from several students of School of Oud Online who played performances from their home, the school is hosting a free Online Webinar via Zoom this Saturday, April 11th at 9Am MST.






1- have your Oud instrument tuned and ready

2- have a camera, from your phone or desktop and Internet





Q: Do I need to be student at School of Oud Online?

A: No, this is an open webinar for Oud lovers around the world.

Q: What Do I expect to have?

  • Intensive one hour session with Ramy Adly

  • Playing Etudes and exercises

  • Important techniques for right hand and left hand

  • You will get opportunity to meet Ramy Adly and ask questions

Q: How much it cost to participant?

A: Free of charge

Q: Can I be in contact with more questions after the free widener?

A: Yes, you are welcome to send your questions via recorded video online to be reviewed

Q: How I participate?

  • fill up the application with your email

  • tune your Oud 440 Hz from the top (F,A,D,G,C,F) or (C,F,A,D,G,C)

  • be on time; we will send an email as a reminder

What the students say about School of Oud Online?

Live Session example

Mohamed Abdol Wahab - Oud by Ramy Adly

Learn to Play The Oud Live via Skype

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