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La Bella – Oud Strings – Arabic Tuning F to F Made in The U.S.A

La Bella OU80-A Oud Strings – For Arabic Tuning F to F – Made in The U.S.A An Oud strings made by company who all the current Oud players born to see it as the best, affordable strings for the Oud instrument, the order of tuning is as follows. From the bottom to the top, tune as follows: – 1st string at the bottom Fa – F – 2nd Do – C – 3rd Sol – G – 4th Re – D – 5th La – A – 6th Fa – F For more help, contact La Bella OU80A Oud Strings Features at a Glance: Clear nylon and silver-plated wound-on-nylon oud strings Designed for Arabic tuning, producing a fuller, deeper sound 12 strings: .022, .022; .027, .027; .031, .031 (nylon); .023, .023; .029, .029; .033, .033 (silver-plated wound) Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) keeps strings fresh longer