oud for sale


Fundamental to choosing the best Oud instruments are standards and dimensions of each part of the Oud and their spacing. I have selected and therefore recommend this Oud style as the best for Oud players. This lovely instrument is crafted using wood from Canada, Australia, The USA, France, and Africa. It is manufactured by one of the region’s finest Oud makers.

The quality of the wood and sound is custom designed according to requirements specified in each order. This Oud has been subjected to various tests with proven ability to withstand various climatic conditions be it tropical or temperate, without any alteration to its sound or color.

This is our most affordable Oud but at the same time an excellent instrument for beginners to start off playing the Oud. Get one today!


  • Weight: 2.50 Lbs. 
  • The Wood at the back: Made out of Mahogany or Rosewood, so buyers have options to choose the type of wood.
  • The Face of the Oud: Made from Canadian Wood.


  • Description

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