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The original and best Oud strings in the world… these strings are manufactured in Germany by industry leading company: Pyramid Lute – founded 1850. They make strings for all kind of stringed instruments including the sitar, treble lute, ukulele. Their meticulous string specifications give your Oud the very best possible sound. These strings are chosen for our students at the School of Oud, for their specifications and sizes.

Used by: Muonir Bisher, Naseer Shamma and on Ramy Adly’s Oud




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Pyramid Lute – German Strings – F to F for Arabic and Iraqi Tuning

The pyramid lute strings are designed for Arabic tuning that produce sharp, open sounds in the high f and high c notes as well as deeper sounds produced by the string #1033. The first three strings from the bottom are clear, nylon strings. The 3 top strings are silver plated to ensure top quality sound anywhere with endless strength of these strings. The new strings that will be placed on your fretless board will create new sounds every time.

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Credits: Since the Pyramid are the best oud strings made since the 1800s, it has been the favorite brand of musicians such as Munir Bashir, Nasser Shamma, Jamil shamer, and they are Ramy Adly’s favorite type of strings. The german based company is partnered with, produces the most strength out of natural materials which make them the best oud strings out of anywhere in the world.

F = Lower string –  double
C = 2nd Lower string –  double
G = 3nd Lower string –  double
D = 4nd Lower string –  double

A = 5th Lower string –  double
F  = 6th Lower string –  Single