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The Soloist Handmade Iraqi Oud #8 – Shipped with (Free Hard Case, Oud Course, Pyramid Lute Strings and Free Shipping)

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11-string acoustic Oud, more open sounds for performing on stage, studio recordings, and is best for fast techniques because of the smaller neck and comfortable fingerboard. Best for traveling

The handmade Iraqi Soloist Oud is one of the best choices for professional oud players who play live performances. The oud has balanced sounds of high and low frequencies, clear notes with 175Hz – 697 Hz freq. The Iraqi oud gives your songs full coverage with warm bass and excellent high tension notes that have excellent projection. The Iraqi Soloist Oud features rich tone thanks to the specific measurements of top cut wood that is made with precision by world class, artisan oud makers.The Iraqi Soloist Oud comes with many Rishas to play the instrument. Whether you are an oud soloist or you are about to pursue a career as an oud soloist, you will need the Iraqi Soloist Oud as a standard for you.

Measurement Specifications for Soloist Oud

The size of the of Iraqi oud is meant for a soloist who brings it on stage and travels with the oud. The Iraqi oud is smaller than the Egyptian or Turkish oud, which allows it to have more open and sharper sounds. Think of comparing a violin to a cello, for a violin has a much higher, sharper pitch than the low, bass sounds of the cello. As a soloist, you need an open, sharp oud on the stage with you. Even with the finest sound equipment and stage technology, you will not be able to perform with the sounds you intend to if you do not use a high quality, sharp, open sounded Iraqi soloist oud.

Shorter neck for even more Comfortability

The Iraqi Soloist Oud has a shorter neck which is 19 cm. The short neck provides comfortability and is easier to play because the notes are closer to each other. This improves the accuracy of playing the oud when using a fast technique, especially while playing Trill or playing chords. The shorter neck ouds are made by master oud makers who are applying their measurement specifications perfectly.

The Iraqi oud has a floating bridge

A floating bridge will not only provide more open sounds than usual for an oud instrument, but it is also going to make the whole face of the oud vibrate with more resonance which will keep the sounds out of the inside of the oud. The floating bridge is a very important and valuable feature for an oud because over time it is the nature of the wood to change based on the humidity of your environment. The strings will sometimes slightly move off of the finger board or move closer to the finger board as the wood changes. With a floating bridge feature, you are able to effortlessly solve this problem by adjusting the floating bridge with no professional experience needed.


  • Handmade Soloist Iraqi Oud
  • Shorter Neck
  • Floating Bridge
  • Made with Specific Measurements for Soloist Oud
  • Handmade
  • #1 quality of wood
  • Undergoes 33 checkpoints of inspection