The School of Oud Online will reach talented students who love the beauty of music and will help educate those in America and around the world about the Oud instrument.

The School of Oud Online is the world’s leading international School for Oud instruments.   The school promises to:

  • Hold the largest curriculum and music materials to help students who love the Oud.
  • Help professional musicians who play other instruments and increase their skills and career using a new technique and introduce a catalog that contains over 300 scales that will inspire new melodies.
  • Help anyone who wish to perfect the Oud and help students achieve their musical dreams.
  • Accepts all ages; young and old and inspire those to play and enjoy through retirement.
  • Attract diverse and talented students who are passionate about studying the Oud and be a part of a unique music curriculum that will enhance his/her overall life and well-being.
  • We offer the best quality of training at The School of Oud Online and will be the leading industry of Oud players around the world.


The following principles and development will guide the vision of The School of Oud Online:  

  1. Give students a rich and multi-dimensional experience using the skills and competencies needed to succeed in careers using Oud music.
  2. Teach an inspirational mood to learn, create, and work.
  3. Ramy Adly’s expertise and musical knowledge of the Oud will be utilized to encourage students to his/her full capacity as a musician whether for professional or personal performances.
  4. Time and commitment will be devoted to the creativity of Oud students to receive the best education materials found online or elsewhere.
  5. Encourage music of Arab, Middle East and ancient Egypt; which has vast ideas to enhance the music industry today; not only for Oud players, but The School of Oud Online will add hundreds of music scales found in our catalog.
  6. There are two types of students; Talented vs. Practiced. One who practices and makes 100% effort is a far better student and musician rather than someone who is talented and never practices.   True growth and success come from those who make an effort.