Why Skype?

Why Skype is the easiest way to learn the Oud?

1- Communication:
It’s key to see one another face to face when learning the Oud; especially as a beginner. Using Skype gives you that benefit—to feel as if you are in the same room.
2- Instruction is designed especially for you:
Every student makes his or her own mistake when learning technique, therefore, the benefit of Skype is allowing the instructor to directly identify what needs to be corrected.

3-The TTT factors:
Music consists of Tunes, Times and Technique. Each student must master all of these. An online instructor can spot and correct any errors in these areas of music as the lesson progresses.
4-Variety levels:
There are presently three different schools related to those learning to play the Oud in the Middle East, and Arab world. These include, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can enjoy a new adventure and work to develop your musical talents.

Grow your musical skills

rhythm 35%
melody 90%
musical theory 65%
sight reading 70%